Are you taking advantage of all the benefits the Cloud has to offer?

Did you know that Cloud computing can boost worker productivity and protect your sensitive business data from being destroyed in worst-case disaster scenarios? Many progressive companies are implementing Cloud services throughout their business to gain more than just mobility. Cloud-based solutions are shortening the technology gap between small and large companies as it enables users to leverage enterprise grade solutions at small business prices.

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  • Cloud ConsultingIt’s OK to be unsure about technology as new as the Cloud! A healthy dose of caution is always recommended when considering a new technology for your business, but why bother taking any risks? BIOS Technologies can help you find just the right applications of Cloud-computing to help your business become more efficient.
  • Cloud Desktops: BIOS Technologies is proud to offer the Cloud service with the best user-end experience. The Cloud Desktop is a unified service that brings all capabilities together in one dashboard for unbeatably convenient use. While Cloud Desktops come with the range of industry standard features such as active monitoring, backup capability and more, they are also accessible from mobile devices, and can be easily configured for new employees and other changes in your business.
  • Office 365You’re likely using applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, to get work done on a daily basis already. A lot of companies are already benefiting immensely from these tools – giving them the ability to complete tasks and communicate with others in the most efficient manner. Now imagine how useful those apps would be when fully configured with Cloud technology. BIOS Technologies is here to help you leverage Microsoft Office 365, featuring 99.9% uptime guaranteed, scalable services that fit your business, and greater ability to collaborate and work remotely.   

Equip your business with the latest technology to optimize your operation! BIOS Technologies should be your first choice for a Cloud services in the Metairie area. To learn more about what Cloud Computing can do for your company, contact BIOS Technologies today at (504) 849-0570 or

David Williams

BIOS Technologies’ mission is to deliver superior IT support to the SMB market in the New Orleans Metro Area. We focus on companies that understand the business/security risks of unmanaged technology and want to maximize efficiency and profitability.

David Williams

October 13,2015



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